Deriving from the Latin ‘agentia’, which means ‘doing’, agencies strive to do just that on behalf of their clients. Through their expertise in a variety of communication issues, the winners of this category excel in taking hold of a brief and running with it, delivering results and displaying imagination. This category is open to any PR consultancy generating fees of less than €10m annually.

Deriving from the Latin ‘agentia’, which means ‘doing’, agencies strive to do just that on behalf of their clients. Through their expertise in a variety of communication issues, the winners of this category excel in taking hold of a brief and running with it, delivering results and displaying imagination. This category is open to any PR consultancy generating fees of more than €10m annually.

We all know that successful communications is necessary for a smoothly run company, institution or NGO. But this category is looking for the in-house team that takes communications to the next level and helps position the organisation as a leader in its field.

Industries and Institutions

The transport and logistics industry is an essential part of our everyday life. Efficient and reliable public transport is, of course, a necessity for everyone, regardless of what form it takes. This category rewards the cream of communications that helps transport and logistics industries reach their goals.

Few sectors have seen as much impassioned debate as the energy sector. Today, climate change is on everybody’s agenda and poses a significant challenge for the sector, but so do new technologies, monopolies, mergers and more. How has the industry dealt with the fundamental changes in its PR activities? The greatest communications campaigns or projects from the energy industry will be recognised in this category.

From something as fundamental as teaching a child how to read, to the ambition of sending humans to far-off planets, technology drives our daily lives. However, the act of explaining and promoting the advantages of new technologies has to contend with challenges such as general lack of knowledge, ‘news fatigue’ and overcrowded markets. The best campaigns and projects in relation to technology and consumer electronics organisations will be rewarded in this category.

The chemical and industrial sector helps shape the modern world – though never without controversy far away. The chemical industry is undergoing huge changes worldwide and it is PR’s job to strengthen its position by winning over stakeholders and gaining the social license to operate. The best campaigns and projects in the chemicals and industrials field will be rewarded in this category.

Impossible to imagine today’s world without it, the telecommunications industry must be relentless in its drive to introduce new and indispensable communications tools into our lives, giving us the opportunity to become fully connected in the global village. The best communications campaigns and projects from the telecommunications industry will be recognised in this category.

Investor relations, annual reports, financial media: money makes the world go round. However, communicators working in the finance industry have to tread extremely carefully when developing their communications strategies, not least because the aftershocks of the financial crisis are still being felt. The greatest communications campaigns and projects from the finance industry will be recognised in this category.

The global pharmaceuticals market will reach $1170 billion in 2021, according to recent research, while the health industry is literally of life-or-death importance to society. The best campaigns and projects initiated by health organisations will be rewarded in this category. Here’s to your good health!

2018 was a banner year for the fashion and beauty industry. From major beauty brands investing in augmented reality to an industry-wide push towards customized beauty products and experiences, technology-backed innovation continues to transform the sector, raising the bar for its communications. This category rewards the cream of communications from the fashion and beauty industry.

This category celebrates outstanding PR campaigns that promote consumer goods and/or services to customers through multiple channels and that build or strengthen a retail company’s brand. This award honours the best communications with target groups that also satisfy customer's needs through e-commerce or in-store retail.

More than just fun and games, the sport and lifestyle industry is a multi-billion dollar behemoth that covers everything from major football teams to inspirational tales of human endeavour, heathy lifestyle retail to the latest wearable health-monitoring tech. The greatest communications campaigns or projects from the sport and lifestyle industry will be recognised in this category.

At its best, entertainment and culture are mirrors of our shared stories, aspirations and values. It is also a major contributor to the national GDP, a phenomenally powerful economy in its own right – from television and films, to orchestras and theatre, comedy and dance. The best campaigns or projects initiated by entertainment and culture organisations will be rewarded in this category.

The all-important search for innovation, which disrupts industries, changes the world and benefits humankind, begins right here. And with Europe facing a shortfall in science-knowledgeable people, and with the education sector facing increasing cuts and other challenges, it has never been more urgent to communicate the best of these twin sectors. This category rewards the cream of communications from the science and education industries.

Communicating the value of geographical locations may be as simple as promoting the very best and most unique aspects of a culture, or as complex as trying to draw visitors back to a country with a tarnished reputation or landscape damaged by weather or political unrest. The greatest communications campaigns and projects from the travel and tourism industry will be recognised in this category.

The food and drink industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the EU in terms of turnover and employment. Representing some of our strongest traditions and pleasure, it is an indelible part of our social, economic and cultural fabric. But it also faces challenges, from unfair trading practices, health and safety issues and more. The best campaigns or projects initiated in the field of food and beverage will be rewarded in this category.

With today’s focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the rise of the climate change activist and millennials’ active preference for organisations that have a clearly defined social responsibility programme, sustainability and environment issues are as hot as the planet is increasingly becoming. This category rewards the cream of communications from the sustainability and environmental industries.

In the current climate of political polarisation, disinformation and a crisis of trust in public intuitions organisations and corporations alike, it has never been more vital that government agencies and parties communicate to engage with voters, communities and individuals. The best campaigns or projects initiated by political parties and governmental agencies will be rewarded in this category.

NGOs and associations have the challenging task of combining and proactively promoting, supporting and defending the interests of various stakeholders. Whether campaigning on behalf of endangered species or trade groups, NGOs and associations communications demands tireless commitment. This category rewards the best of communications from non-governmental organisations and associations.


An integrated use of communication channels creates a robust 360-degree relationship with stakeholders. Both offline and online tools can be used for a coherent and cohesive way of communicating with different segments of the public. The award in this category will be given to a campaign or a project that uses its diverse tools in an cohesive, aligned manner.

Successful viral communications has the power to transcend limits of geography, market segments and time they are unstoppable and irresistible. And almost impossible to get right. The few that do apply a strategic approach and effective planning are required to achieve an exponential distribution of messages within the relevant networks. The best examples of viral communications are celebrated in this category.

Change can disrupt an organisation, internally and externally. Which is why resistance to change is often so deeply embedded. Successful change communication helps smooth over the roughest by using effective employee communication internally and sending clear messages to external parties.

The glue that binds an organisation together, the new channel that employees rely on, the voice of a corporate identity… internal communication builds relationships, delivers return on investment and shapes the conversations happening about the organisation. The best examples are highlighted in this category.

Globalisation and the increasing interdependence of our societal networks are generating multiple cross-sections of stakeholders that are a challenge to engage with in normal times but that become almost impossible to manage in a crisis. Perhaps the most important skill that business leaders can possess is the ability to anticipate and prevent a crisis. This category awards the best in this high-stakes field.

In an era of information overflow, it has become vital for brands to engage stakeholders through honest and authentic stories, as well as to encourage employees to live and breathe the corporate narrative. That is the challenge for communicators – and this category recognises campaigns or projects that use storytelling in all its facets.

With recent trends in content marketing including artificial intelligence-driven insights, more interactive content thanks to the internet of things, and ever-closer alignment with strategy, this category recognises award-worthy content that clicks with bloggers, brand ambassadors and other influencers and inspires them to spread the word.

Trusted brand relationships are the bedrock of strategic success; authenticity, innovation and added benefit are the tried and trusted watchwords behind building and strengthening relationships year after year. However, with audiences increasingly wanting to see purpose as a key brand differentiator, this category celebrates new strategies that go beyond the well-trodden paths and explore new territory.

Influencers are those individuals inside and outside the organisation that move the dial: they set the agenda and bring other audiences along with them. Establishing the ROI of influencer relations is notoriously tricky; however, those projects that clearly demonstrate a strategic and effective use of digital media and communication will triumph in this category.

Integrated communications is critical for a successful product launch in your business. It involves the consistent communications of information about a product, using channels, sources and programmes that deliver effective and timely messages to consumers. The best examples are celebrated in this category.

Employer branding is about how the people who work for an organisation view and help shape its identity. Employer engagement, meanwhile, is the motor behind sustainable business growth: to remain competitive, organisations are empowering their employees to deliver the employer brand with impact and scale. This category celebrates the best in this vitally important field.

The necessity of communicating an organisation’s corporate social responsibility initiatives has never been so urgent; socially-conscious organisations that prove purpose and value are highly-desirable to millennial workforces, and increasingly act as a key differentiator in crowded markets. Stand-out examples of corporate social responsibility communications will be highlighted in this category.

Sophisticated technological tools mean that events and experiential marketing can be more immersive than ever before. Whether offline or online, events and experiences are becoming more sophisticated, and appeal to diverse array of brands and industries. The most memorable will be highlighted in this category.

From lobbying to external relations, trade deals to laws and rights, modern public affairs is an integral part of the process of keeping an organisation aligned with societal values, and is an absolutely vital tool to help organisations navigate the stringent regulatory landscape. This category celebrates the champions of the field.

Today’s integrated word needs a 360-degree monitoring of risks and issues, and no one leads that better than the communication function. If reputation is the most prized asset of any organisation, remaining aware, sensitive and responsive to issues which might affect that reputation is key, and will be celebrated in this category.

Data is new oil, enabling communications to have impact on scale, driving meassurement and analysis and enabling messages to be targeted and personalised like never before. This category is open to a company or agency (and their client), that has creatively and successfully used data throughout all stages of a campaign or project.

In today’s global, interconnected world, multi-market communications initiatives are a must, and present rich rewards but also serious challenges for even the hot seasoned communications manager. This category will celebrate the best in cross-border communications that deal with the multiple challenges while retaining a coherent, consistent tone.

Corporate Media and Tools

Faced with the need to make space for social and environmental policies and strategies, annual reports are becoming increasingly more complex documents, aiming to simultaneously comply with regulations and follow non-financial reporting frameworks. Bridging this gap and creating convincing, transparent and well-crafted reports is a key communications challenge, and is recognised by this category.

The voice of the employees, the sounding board for new strategies and developments, the essence of a corporate culture and identity - the internal publication carries many expectations on its shoulders. This category celebrates the best in the field.

The calling card of a company, the ambassador of an organisation, the embodiment of the corporation’s external stakeholder relations – external publication must walk a fine line between convincing authentic storytelling and legal, regulatory, business facts. The ones that succeed this difficult balancing act will be victorious in this category.

A classic weapon in the communications arsenal, the corporate film/video is nevertheless susceptible to the latest digital and storytelling trends. Translating the values, purpose and culture of an organisation into moving image is a multi-faceted challenge, and only the very best will win this category.

Regardless of the size of an organisation, an internal platform for real-time exchange of opinions, news and messages is vital, and – despite many contenders – the classic intranet is still the best contender. Please note: when applying for this project, please provide login details for the site, so that the jury can access it, or a functioning version of the intranet online that the jury can use.

A corporate website is the first and most lasting impression a stakeholder will have of your organisation. Compressive, classic, clear and conveying the purpose, vision and culture of the organisation, only the most innovative and communicative will be rewarded in this category.

Social media is still the King of online communications – where messages are most direct, where voices are amplified and where authenticity reigns. It is also a hotbed of fake news, disinformation and white noise. The best examples of corporate social media will be able to navigate these risks and rewards and will be victorious in this category.

In the age of the smartphone, mobile communications and apps allow your brand to be in the palm of peoples’ hand: 24/7 and around the globe. Whatever the service they deliver, they must also covey key elements of the organisation, bringing the experience of the organisation to a whole new, more direct level.

National and Regional Campaigns

46. United Kingdom, Ireland

47. Spain, Portugal

48. Italy, Malta

49. Germany, Switzerland, Austria

50. Benelux, France

51. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland

52. Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia

53. Poland, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova

54. Russia, Belarus

55. Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia

56. The Balkans

57. Turkey