Deriving from the Latin ‘agentia’, which means ‘doing’, agencies strive in just such a direction. Through their expertise in a variety of communication issues, the winners of this category excel and take hold of a brief and running with it, delivering results and displaying imagination. Open to any PR consultancy generating fees of less than €10m annually.

Deriving from the Latin ‘agentia’, which means ‘doing’, agencies strive in just such a direction. Through their expertise in a variety of communication issues, the winners of this category excel and take hold of a brief and running with it, delivering results and displaying imagination. Open to any PR consultancy generating fees of more than €10m annually.

We all know that successful communications is needed for a smoothly-run company, institution or NGO. But this category is looking for the in-house team that takes communications to the next level and helps position the organisation as a leader in the field.

Industries and Institutions

The transport and logistics industry has propelled itself into a position as an essential part of most individuals’ everyday lives. Efficient and reliable public transport is, of course, a necessity for everyone, regardless of what form it takes. This category rewards the cream of communications from the transport and logistics industries.

Few sectors have seen as much debate as the energy sector in recent years. Climate change is on everybody’s agenda and poses a significant challenge for the energy sector. How has the industry dealt with the fundamental changes in its PR activities? The greatest communications campaigns or projects from the energy industry will be recognised in this category.

From something as fundamental as teaching a child how to read, to the ambition of sending humans to far-off planets, technology drives our lives. However, the act of explaining and promoting the advantages of new technologies has to content with challenges such as general lack of knowledge, ‘news fatigue’ and overcrowded markets. The best campaigns and projects in relation to technology and consumer electronics organisations will be rewarded in this category.

The chemical and industrial sector is often declared as the backbone of its kind – it is a central area that helps build today’s modern world. The chemical industry is undergoing huge changes worldwide and it is PR’s job to strengthen its position. The best campaigns and projects in the chemicals and industrials field will be rewarded in this category.

Practically symbiotic with the computer industry, telecommunications never ceases to introduce new and indispensable communications tools into our lives, giving us the opportunity to become fully connected in the global village. The best communications campaigns and projects from the telecommunications industry will be recognised in this category.

As the saying goes, money makes the world go round. However, in the light of the recent financial crisis, it is clear that communicators working in the finance industry have to tread extremely carefully when developing their communications strategies. The greatest communications campaigns and projects from the finance industry will be recognised in this category.

Whatever your circumstances may be, success is of little use without good health. When you do not have it, even the greatest things in life tend to appear merely mundane by comparison. The health industry is literally of vital importance, then, to society. The best campaigns and projects initiated by health organisations will be rewarded in this category.

This category celebrates outstanding PR campaigns that promote consumer goods and/or services to customers through multiple channels and that build or strengthen a retail company’s brand. This award honours the best communications with target groups that also satisfy customer's needs through e-commerce or in-store retail.

Sport and lifestyle choices are central to the human experience. The variety of sport and lifestyle defining activities available to us helps us to realise our potential and generally just keep life interesting. The greatest communications campaigns or projects from the sport and lifestyle industry will be recognised in this category.

Not just there to chase away boredom, entertainment allows us to live out our fantasies as well as to relieve a little stress along the way. Through various aspects of entertainment, we can engage with the cultural practices of a variety of other nations, too. The best campaigns or projects initiated by entertainment and culture organisations will be rewarded in this category.

Whether preparing us for life outside of academia, or informing us how the world around us works, the impact of education and the discoveries of science have a major impact on how we view and relate to the world. This category rewards the cream of communications from the science and education industries.

Communicating the value of geographical locations may be as simple as promoting the very best and most unique aspects of a culture, or as complex as trying to draw visitors back to a country with a tarnished reputation or landscape damaged by weather or political unrest. The greatest communications campaigns and projects from the travel and tourism industry will be recognised in this category.

Necessities of life, both food and drink play an important role in our lives, as of course without one or the other, it would be impossible to survive. Though one of the most basic human needs, nourishment is also enjoyable in itself and offers a wide variety for every consumer to choose from. The best campaigns or projects initiated in the field of food and beverage will be rewarded in this category.

In our lifetime we will most likely see environmental concerns move from their current position as a concern, to an integral part of how we function on a daily basis – from the products we choose to use to the candidates we choose to vote for. This category rewards the cream of communications from the sustainability and environmental industries.

Political institutions, ministries and parties are entrusted to carry out the will of the people and work towards the good of society as a whole. Their ability to be in tune with society’s needs and connect with the populace is what gets them in office in the first place – and keeps them there in the long run. The best campaigns or projects initiated by political parties and governmental agencies will be rewarded in this category.

NGOs and associations have the challenging task of combining the interests of various stakeholders and communicating them to their varied partners whilst retaining their independence from governments. They are in unique positions and their communications strategies are affected by a unique set of restrictions and rules. This category rewards the best of communications from non-governmental organisations and associations.


A coordinated and diversified use of communications channels creates a robust and often more direct relationship with stakeholders. Both offline (e.g. print ads, events, sponsorships) and online tools (e.g. webpages, video clips, emails, images) can be used for a coherent and cohesive ways of communicating with different segments of the public. The category “Multi-Channel Communications” will be given to a campaign or a project that uses its tools in an orchestrated manner.

Efficient viral communications move beyond the bounds of traditional communications solutions. Tools like webpages, video clips, blogs, emails, e-books, brandable software, images or text messages can be used to reach different segments of the public. A strategic approach and effective planning are required to achieve an exponential distribution of messages within the relevant networks.

For better or worse, change is all around us – it is inevitable. Change communication helps to make the transition easier by using effective employee communication and sending a solid message to stakeholders, in order to ensure that the change runs as smoothly as possible.

Communicating within your organisation is as important, if not more so, than communicating externally. Keeping a workforce informed and motivated is essential in all organisations that wish to surpass their goals.

Things don’t always go as planned and when they go wrong, crisis communications step in and help to guide the company or organisation through rough waters to a safe and secure position.

In an era of information overflow, it has become vital for brands to engage stakeholders through honest and authentic “stories” and thus secure their attention in a unique way. This category recognises campaigns or projects that use storytelling as an empowerment marketing tool.

We have often heard that “content is king”, but a king is powerless without his loyal emissaries to carry out his decrees throughout the realm. That is why this category recognises award-worthy content that clicks with bloggers, brand ambassadors and other influencers and inspires them to spread the word.

In order to build and deepen the consumers’ relationship with a brand, smart and innovative campaigns are needed. That’s why this category celebrates new strategies that go beyond the well-trodden paths and explore new territory.

Opinion leaders have always been important in communication but in the digital world that appreciates peer insight, their position is even stronger. In order to drive brand success, communication departments and agencies include key influencers in their communication strategies. This is how bloggers, video bloggers as well as celebrities impact the consumers’ decision-making process. The Award goes to the influencer outreach campaign/project that proves its strategic and effective use digital media and communication while also considering how they attained authenticity and credibility.

With the release of a new product, every company hopes that it will be well received and surpass expectations. A smooth and targeted product launch is critical to its success, but creating such a scenario requires not only a great product but great minds behind its introduction to the market. You may also enter your relaunch campaign. What’s old is new again! Sometimes products that have faded in the public consciousness have the opportunity to spring back into life, finding a new audience. The relaunch campaign drives the product to new heights, rejuvenating it for a newly receptive marketplace.

Employees are the most valuable part of any organisation. If a company is a clock, then they are the gears that keep the whole structure running properly. Employer Branding is essential to ensure that the gears that make your organisation ‘tick’ are of the highest quality, both by targeting the most promising employees, and by retaining them.

Presently, highly elaborate programmes engage in environmental or social concerns all over the world. The code of ethics and standards corporations undertake to better themselves raises the bar not only for the benefit of the organisation, but also for the betterment of the community. Communicating activities to the public is a crucial element in the success of CR campaigns or projects.

Pulling off a successful event allows the reputation of an organisation to live up to its hype, or to gain further esteem. Connecting the dots to make this happen requires the utmost in planning and quality decision-making skills.

Successfully reaching out and appealing to the appropriate individuals for the good of your organisation and its interests is a delicate process. Lobbying requires tact, patience, perseverance and a clever approach, especially when economics and politics are intertwined.

Making sure that the organisation is on target with its ambitions in the public image is a never-ending challenge. Remaining aware, sensitive and responsive to issues which might affect your organisation’s reputation is a vital part of this practice.

Data-driven communications allows for a more grounded monitoring approach and content creation objectives. This category is open to a company or agency (and their client), that has creatively and successfully used data throughout all stages of a campaign or project.

Customer journey refers to the path that a customer takes whilst experiencing a certain product. The quality of this journey reflects the level of success and this category looks to recognise those providing the best touchpoints and overall most positive journey to their customers.

Corporate Media and Tools

Special and innovative approaches within the restricted yet complex field of annual and CSR reports are a rare find. Creating the right blend of creativity, honesty and optimism is the key to communicating information in any report. The winner in this category has a credible, comprehensive and innovative communications approach which places a clear emphasis on stakeholder and target group communication and identifies appropriate evaluation measures.

Capturing the essence of an organisation and why it is a great place to work is more difficult than it sounds. The internal publication must bring the reality of all the organisation’s best aspects to the printed page on a regular basis.

Producing concise, accurate and tactful information regularly, whether it is from business to business or from business to client, is at the very core of external publications.

Translating the values and goals of the company onto film is the challenge when creating a video which will accurately and successfully represent the company to stakeholders and interested parties, as well as attracting the best employees. Please note: this category excludes paid advertising in external sources.

Having a healthy communication and information resource in the form of a highly efficient intranet is important regardless of the size of an organisation. The Intranet connects the organisation to itself and to its client and partner base, providing a multi-directional information sharing platform. Please note: When applying for this project, we would ask that you provide login details for the site, so that the jury can access it, or a functioning version of the intranet online that the jury can use.

A corporate website is quite often the backbone of a company, association, organisation, or institution and is a tool for digital communications that should not be underestimated. Even a good microsite can act as the face of a campaign in its few pages. This category is all about recognising the creativity and high quality of some of the best websites and microsites.

Social media is becoming an increasingly important weapon in the communicator’s arsenal, and while there are numerous risks associated with social media use, a well-defined strategy can reach new audiences and improve the perceptions of an organisation fundamentally.

Mobile gadgets play an increasingly important role in digital communication: they ensure continuous availability and the ability to interact with digital events at any time. Apps offer extensive functionality and enable efficient use of various web offerings. As the market grows, innovation, creativity and solution orientation become steadily more important. This category embraces new technology from smaller mobile phones to tablets and other digital gadgets.

National and Regional Campaigns

An international and wide-spread approach to a PR campaign can reach stakeholder and potential customers on a whole new, multi-national level. In today’s global, interconnected world, it is hard to miss multi-market communications initiatives. This category will honour a campaign or a project that uses its tools in an orchestrated manner.

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