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The leading Award for European PR and communications

The European Excellence Awards 2019

Join the Awards and celebrate with us in Lisbon on 29 November!


29 November


The Excellence Awards

The European Excellence Awards honour outstanding performances in the field of PR and communications since 2007. With in-depth categories which cover everything from internal communications to public relations, the Awards provide a comprehensive look at the most exceptional examples of communication in Europe.

During an online voting session and a two-day Jury meeting, the Jury decides which entries are shortlisted, and who the recipients of the European Excellence Awards are.

The European Excellence Awards recognise the best in the European PR and communications community. By entering these awards you can:

  • Let your reputation flourish
  • Celebrate with your peers
  • Announce your success
  • Build your brand
  • Motivate your team
  • Discover your potential

The Awards are firstly hosted by Communication Director, an internationally-focused magazine for corporate communications, PR and public affairs. Featuring opinion pieces, case studies and reports, Communication Director is a knowledge-sharing platform for communicators.

Secondly, the Awards are hosted by Quadriga, Berlin-based knowledge hub of excellence in education, information, networking and business IT solutions. As an internationally-oriented company, Quadriga already assists 300,000 professionals in their careers, currently professional groups in the fields of public relations, politics, public affairs, IT governance, human resources, marketing, sales and compliance.

Meet the Jury


Here is a sneak peak at some of the categories you can apply for. Make sure to click the categories tab above or directly below to see them all!

01. Agency of the Year (Small and Mid-Sized)
02. Agency of the Year (Large)
03. Communications Team of the Year
04. Transport & Logistics
05. Energy
06. Technology & Consumer Electronics
07. Chemicals & Industrials
08. Telecommunications
09. Finance
10. Health & Pharma
11. Fashion & Beauty
12. Retail
13. Sports & Lifestyle
14. Entertainment & Culture
15. Science & Education
16. Travel & Tourism
17. Food & Beverage
18. Sustainability & Environment
19. Government Agencies & Parties
20. NGOs & Associations
21. Multi-Channel Communications
22. Viral Communications
23. Change Communications
24. Internal Communications
25. Crisis Communications
26. Storytelling
27. Content Marketing
28. Brand Relationship
29. Influencer Communications
30. Launch
31. Employer Branding & Recruiting
32. Corporate Social Responsibility
33. Event & Experiential Marketing
34. Public Affairs
35. Issues & Reputation Management
36. Data Driven Communications
37. Customer Journey
38. Multi-Market Communications
39. (Integrated) Annual Report & CSR Report
40. Internal Publication
41. External Publication
42. Corporate Film & Video
43. Intranet
44. Corporate Website
45. Social Media
46. Mobile Communications & Apps
47. United Kingdom, Ireland
48. France
49. Spain, Portugal
50. Italy, Malta
51. Germany, Switzerland, Austria
52. Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg
53. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland
54. Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
55. Poland, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova
56. Russia, Belarus
57. Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia
58. The Balkans
59. Greece, Cyprus
60. Turkey

Entry Information

With over 1,500 entries last year, the European Excellence Awards are Europe’s leading PR and communications awards. For more detailed information on how to enter please see the FAQ.

Step 1

Register on our online application platform

Step 2

Go through our online application checklist

Step 3

Choose the right category for your project

Step 4

Fill out your application online

Step 5

Upload supporting material

Step 6

Submit your application online

What our customers say

We are very pleased about the European Excellence Award. This award is like the European Championship in the field of Public Relations. The fact that we have received the award for our Goethe-Guerrilla-Campaign shows that you can compensate a lack of budget by creativity.
Prof. Dr. Martin Ludwig Hofmann , Schleiner + Partner Kommunikation
We feel deeply honored being recognized for our work among many brilliant cases from all over Europe. European Excellence Awards is a great platform to show our industry's most innovative and creative work.
Team, Burson-Marsteller Stockholm
We are very honored and pleased. The award is the recognition of three years of investment and hard work in promoting a new way boost employer brands and hire talent.
Stéphane Wajskop, Managing Director , Careers International
It’s inspiring to see so many smart and creative campaigns from all over Europe and it’s an honor to be acknowledged with such a prestigious award.
Camilla Westman, ANR BBDO
It was great and inspiring to see the most important faces of Europe´s PR scene in one place and the same time the faces of people behind some of the campaigns that I was able to see in media in 2015 spontaneously. The whole event was arranged professionally and we had a great time.
Andrej Bosanac, Account Manager, AMI Communications